SDMF will start before Sept. 1

Last month we told you the school board was going to approve two calendars in anticipation of submitting a waiver to the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.

School districts can send in a waiver to the Department of Public Instruction to start prior to Sept. 1, but approval rarely happens unless the district has pending construction projects, which we do because of the facilities referendum.

Well, the DPI came back with an approval for our early start date request so we’ll be starting before Sept. 1


Here’s what that looks like:

August 28: First day of school 5K-12

August 30: First day of 4K

Sept. 1: NO SCHOOL

Sept. 4: NO SCHOOL

June 6: Last day of 4K

June 7: Last day of school 5K-12

June 9: MFHS Graduation

For all of the no school days and vacation days in between, click here to find a printable copy of the 2017-2018 calendar.


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