District proposes two calendars for 17-18

Calendar planning is never an easy task in a district of 4,000+ students, especially when the state mandates a Sept. 1 or after start date.

Last year you may remember that the school district recommended to our state legislators that they change the Sept. 1 rule to allow any school district to tailor the calendar to its community’s needs.

The legislature was looking at the option of an early start for schools that had high enrollment in Advanced Placement classes so that would allow them more time to prepare for the AP exams which are held in spring. We have a significant number of students taking AP classes and we expect this spring that more than 1,300 tests will be taken by our students.

The state legislature never took action on changing the Sept. 1 rule, and for the coming 17-18 school year, that means the school district is looking at a Sept. 5 (as Labor Day is Sept. 4) start date which pushes high school graduation to June 16.

School districts can send in a waiver to the Department of Public Instruction to start prior to Sept. 1, but approval rarely happens unless the district has pending construction projects.

As you probably already know, the School District of Menomonee Falls has a number of significant construction projects this summer, so pending board approval on Dec. 13, the school district will be submitting a waiver asking to start school on August 28. That would place high school graduation on June 9.

Take a look at the Sept. 5 start date calendar here.

Take a look at the Aug. 28 start date calendar here.

These calendars will be approved Dec. 12 barring any changes and will be sent out to all parents in the community.

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