Get to Know: Faith VanderHorst, School Board President

As we celebrate Wisconsin School Board Week, get to know Faith VanderHorst, School Board President, Thank you, Faith for your commitment to the students of SDMF!

High School: Amelia High School, West Clermont School District, Amelia, Ohio. My school has now been consolidated into a new school: West Clermont High School.

College: Miami University (Oxford, Ohio)

Favorite School Memory: My junior year our Jazz Band ( I played Baritone sax) won a very competitive, regional jazz competition. We had worked so hard..everything came together!! Great team work and some very talented musicians!

Why do you enjoy serving on the SDMF School Board? I enjoy working on the school board to see the progress and success of our students and staff. My favorite part of Board meetings is to meet and recognize students and staff for their achievements. I love to brag about our student success! I ran for the Board to work for improved Reading and Math scores as well as greater accountability. We have made great progress over the years to the extent that we are considered an AP District of honor and are included in the US News top high schools.

What makes SDMF the BEST? The students, staff, families and community support make SDMF the BEST. The students and staff have truly embraced the vision of “ Relentless pursuit of excellence.” There is a great deal of creativity and hard work implemented by staff in pursuit of student success ( ex. Academies, Falls Fan Gear, Middle School Commercials and robotics teams). Everyone has embraced Continuous Improvement in pursuit of College and Career readiness.

Favorite quote(s):
I don’t really have just one. I have a couple that motivate me: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Bible

“Leave the party while you’re still having a good time.” Anon
This applies to work, parties, charitable commitments, meetings, almost anything…leave while you still have good memories. I use this one a lot!!!!

“Don’t complain if you don’t vote” and “ Don’t complain if you aren’t willing to do anything about it”. ( Be a part of the solution) My mom. These words have always motivated to become involved.

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