Got Glasses?

When Stephanie Resch, a physical education teacher with the School District of Menomonee Falls (SDMF), turned 50 recently, she realized she needed eyeglasses….thousands of eyeglasses, not for herself, but for others in need.  With the help of her administrative team at Shady Lane Elementary School, Resch will collect and recycle eyeglasses at each of the SDMF schools and several community businesses until June 15, 2019. New reading glasses are also requested for donations.

“Birthdays are made to celebrate that we are here for another year,” Resch said. “Knowing that I was about to turn 50 put me in a reflective state of mind and I had a desire to honor the moment.”

Eyeglasses aren’t the only birthday celebration in sight for Resch; she’s performing 50 Acts of Service or Kindness.

“My motivation to do the 50 Acts of Kindness comes from knowing that leadership is a behavior, not a position… to lead, you must first serve,” Resch said. “Doing kind things for others has always been at the forefront of who I am; couple that with how my husband Tony & I have been involved with Servant Leadership for a while now.”

“I thought of the idea for 50 Acts of Kindness recently as I was about to donate my hair. Plus, when our kids were little and had birthday parties, we would ask for donations to the Food Pantry or Blessings in a Backpack instead of gifts. All of the Acts of Kindness are intentional even though they have a wide range of cost and influence, plus I still have a few on my list which haven’t been completed.”

“My hope is that with awareness about the eyeglass collection and recycling, plus the 50 Acts of Service or Kindness, the ideas would inspire others to be of service or focus on kindness.”

Eyeglass Collection Sites:

Menomonee Falls:

  • Shady Lane Elementary School
  • Valley View Elementary School
  • Ben Franklin Elementary School
  • Riverside Elementary School
  • North Middle School
  • Menomonee Falls High School
  • Menomonee Falls School District Office at Village Hall
  • TeamEscape262
  • Children’s Community Center
  • FIS (c/o Amy Gill)


  • Homestead High School (Football Leadership Team)
  • Concordia University (Wisconsin Veteran Services Department)
  • Germantown:
  • Germantown High School (Football Leadership Team)

Some of the 50 Acts of Kindness include:
-eyeglasses collection & recycling
-donate 13″ of  hair
-buy flowers for someone
-pay for flowers at their church in honor of my parents
-be a Kid’s Heart Challenge Volunteer for the American Heart Association (Heart month in February
-pay for someone’s meal
-clean & organize a storage area in the office at school
-create & put together bins of skin tone crayons & markers for each classroom, special & specialist at school
-open &/or hold doors for others
-organize a staff collection for Blessings in a Backpack (Make a Difference March)
–write a grant for school


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