MFHS Earns Level 1 AP PaceSetter Award

Menomonee Falls High School recently earned a Level 1 2017 Wisconsin Advanced Placement (AP) PaceSetter Award from the Wisconsin Advanced Placement Advisory Council. The Level 1 PaceSetter award recognizes Menomonee Falls High School (MFHS) for its participation and performance on the 2017 College Board Advanced Placement Exams. Menomonee Falls High School is one of only 17 schools out of 510 public high schools in Wisconsin to receive a Level 1 AP Pacesetter award.  

“This award is special as it is the result of a long commitment and concerted effort to increase access for all students to more rigorous coursework while simultaneously improving the percentage of students that pass the exams and earn credits.,” said Corey Golla, Superintendent of Schools for the School District of Menomonee Falls. “Our students and staff have met that challenge head-on.  Our community should be proud.”

The Pacesetter Award is unique to Wisconsin and recognizes schools for promoting both access to and excellence in AP courses. To be recognized as a PaceSetter Level 1 School, Menomonee Falls High School had to have more than 30% of its students take AP exams and more than 70% of those test-takers must have received a score of 3 or higher (students must receive a 3 or above to receive Advanced Placement credit). In the 2016-17 school year, 35.7% of MFHS students took AP Exams and 73% earned a three or higher.

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