Anonymous donor clears lunch debts

A good Samaritan that wishes to remain anonymous has cleared the outstanding lunch account debts for all students in the school district citing that they want all students to have a fresh start for the 17-18 school year.

“We truly have an incredibly supportive community here in Menomonee Falls,” said Superintendent Pat Greco. “A heartfelt thanks goes out to this anonymous community member for supporting our students. We really do live in a remarkable place.”

The anonymous person contacted the district’s school nutrition department asking if they could pay the outstanding lunch balance that School Nutrition currently has.  School Nutrition admin assistant and 2017 Employee of the Year, Jean Erd communicated to this anonymous donor that the current outstanding lunch balance was $600 in which they responded that they indeed wanted to donate the $600, which they did.

“They (the donor) wanted the balance to be paid so that those families with outstanding balances begin the new school year with no debt,” said Sue Kirchstein, Director of School Nutrition. “This incredibly generous and wonderful act of kindness helped 122 families in our district.”

The School District of Menomonee Falls and Board of Education would like to send out a profound thank you to this donor as well as all community members that support our Village’s children this year and every year.


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