MFHS breaks record with 130 AP Scholars

Students at Menomonee Falls High School have set the bar even higher this year with a record-breaking 130 Advanced Placement Scholars for 2017, greatly outpacing last year’s district best of 107 AP Scholars.
AP scholars are students that take rigorous coursework during the school year and complete three or more advanced placement tests in spring and score a three or better on tests ranging from psychology to physics to macroeconomics. Currently MFHS offers 25 AP courses and the tests are ranked 1-5.
Of the 130 AP Scholars, 14 students have been named National AP Scholars, a 180 percent increase over last year’s number and yet another broken record. The national rank is given to students that score an average of 4 on all AP exams and 4 or higher on eight or more exams.
“This is truly remarkable,” said Dr. Pat Greco, SDMF Superintendent. “These students are taking on challenging, collegiate-level coursework sometimes as young as 14-years-old. This achievement illustrates just how hard all of our students work day-in and day-out at MFHS and how well these students have been equipped with the tools to succeed at the middle and elementary level.”
Out of the 130 AP Scholars, 33 are considered an AP Scholar with Honor, receiving a 3 or higher on four or more advanced placement tests. A total of 46 students are considered an AP Scholar with distinction, receiving a 3 or higher on five or more advanced placement tests.
Last year, students had taken more than 850 AP exams and approximately 76 percent of test takers have scores that will earn them college credit, leaps and bounds above the state and global averages. In total, this group stands to earn nearly $1.2 million in college-credit.
Last year, alumna Julia Graybill, a 2016 AP scholar said that thanks to the AP courses she took she was able to come into UW-Whitewater with 34 credits. She’s studying actuarial science. Savannah Stiller, a 2016 MFHS grad, is attending UW-Madison and was able to enter in with 39 credits from AP courses.
“This is a collective effort of our staff, families and students,” Dr. Greco said. “Children are thriving in our district with opportunity at all levels that will set them on a great trajectory for their future.”


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