Meet our 2017 Employees of the Year

It’s that time of year again, and we’re pleased to announce our new employees of the year for the 16-17 school year. These employees were nominated by other staff, supervisors or parents for the dedicated work that they’ve done.

Employee of the Year- Facilities

Angela Knapp

Years of District Service: 14 years

Building: Riverside

What people said about Angela:

Angela is constantly looking for ways to improve herself by going to classes and sharing her knowledge with others.

She acts as a great role model and teaches the children to follow the ‘Riverside Way” and encourages them when needed.

Angela is always willing to lend a helping hand to not only staff, but students and parents as well. She has on more than one occasion put on a hairnet and helped serve lunch. Angela is the definition of what teamwork should look like.

She also has an additional responsibility of supporting the Community Center. She assists our senior citizens and public with the utmost respect and support of all.

Angela always has a smile on her face and is approachable in any situation.

Employee of the Year- Educational Support

Beth Gonstead

Years of District Service: 20 years

Building: High School

What people have said about Beth:

Beth meets the role of health room assistant with energy, kindness and compassion for all. Students gravitate to Beth because of her knowledge with assessing their individual needs.

She has a keen understanding of when a student has a true physical need or when there is an emotional need that is manifesting itself physically.

Beth’s purpose is always to help students both physically and emotionally.  She can be found talking to the students about what’s going on in their lives and many often seek her out when they are struggling. She helps students know that they have a safe place to land when they are around her.

She always treats each student, staff member and parent with patience and understanding. Beth greets everyone with a smile and a “whatever I can do” mentality. People are drawn to Beth because of this. It comes from her heart.

Employee of the Year- High School Educator

Brenda Larson

Years of District Service: 22 years

Building: High School

What people said about Brenda:

Since first starting here at MFHS, Brenda has grown the Computer Science Department from the ground up. She wrote curriculum, recruited students, and ignited passion for this growing career field.

Brenda worked with her team of math educators to self-develop curriculum and align it to ACT standards.

Even though her own plate may already be full, Brenda always makes time to support her coworkers. From sharing curriculum and resources, teaching technology courses to teachers after school, to working with the administrative assistants to develop a better way to schedule Parent/Teacher conferences.

Brenda is the advisor for the Math Club, Tech Club and coordinated a day for students called Hour of Code at the HS.  She is also the Math Curriculum Chair, Booster Club member, HS SURF member and regularly attends conferences to further hone her skills.

Her leadership has continued to frame how we work as a team.  She is very data driven to ensure that all students can be successful. Brenda goes above and beyond to ensure that her students learn and succeed in her courses.

Employee of the Year- Upper Elementary

Becky Meyer

Years of District Service: 17 years

Building: Valley View

What people said about Becky:

Some words to describe Becky: self motivated, problem solver, professional, dedicated and kind.

Becky is amazing – so informative, intelligent and always willing to share. She goes above and beyond every day – in every situation, with every person.

She treats all children with patience and dignity in guiding them to meet the expectations of our math curriculum. It is no surprise that her students make significant academic gains each year.

Becky is passionate about her students’ achievement in Math. She pours her heart into her work and it truly shows.

I can say without reservation that Becky is an exemplary professional who inspires all of us to be better educators.

Employee of the Year- Lower Elementary

Julie Eisenhauer

Years of District Service: 10 years

Building: Ben Franklin

What people said about Julie:

Mrs. Eisenhauer is very focused on her students.  My student has made great progress this year and I believe it is due to her belief in her students, recognizing their strengths, and having the experience and creative ability to get them to the next level.

It takes a special teacher to not only instruct academically but to also nurture her student’s problem solving skills, how to show compassion to others, and communicate effectively.

Mrs. Eisenhauer has great work ethic and focus. Her interactions with her EA’s, parents, and students demonstrates her high level of experience and willingness to work with others to better a child whether it is academically, emotionally, and/or socially.

She teaches her students life skills of problem-solving, how to deal with stressful situations, and effective communication with others. Soft skills you can’t always measure but significant in our world with how we interact and care for each other.

Mrs. Eisenhauer cares about her students, school, and the district as a whole. Our district is lucky to have her!  We love her!

Employee of the Year- Administrative Support

Jean Erd

Years of District Service: 9 years

Building: High School

The heart of the School Nutrition Department truly lies within Jean. The relationships she has built with many of the district’s families is exceptional. Jean also takes the time to really know each School Nutrition employee and as many High School students as possible.

Jean is consistently interacting with our customers to ensure that questions are being answered, requests receive a follow up and solutions have been provided – all with the greatest level of respect, professionalism and customer service possible.

In March, the School Nutrition Department was given an Administrative Review by DPI. Because of Jean’s attention to detail and complete understanding of the DPI regulations regarding Free & Reduced Applications, no corrective actions were required in these areas or the nine sub areas reviewed by DPI, which is an outstanding accomplishment!

Jean has also been the point of contact for the School Nutrition point-of-sale system, Wordware.  Jean collaborates closely with this vendor to make improvements to this system that not only benefit our district, but more than 100 districts nationwide. Wordware looks to Jean as a subject matter expert and calls on her to test new functionality.

There is no doubt that Jean understands the importance of her job and the impression that she leaves with others is always positive. It is not uncommon to see Jean receive a hug from someone she has helped!

Employee of the Year- Middle Education

JJ Tischer

Years of District Service: 17 years

Building: North Middle

What people said about JJ:

JJ collaborates endlessly with his peers to improve and align both health and physical education curriculum thereby ensuring a consistent experience for all NMS students.

His work and success with students of special needs is an area where he excels.  He collaborates with colleagues around students with some of the highest needs and demonstrates an ability to make a change in their lives.

Outside of the classroom, JJ demonstrates his commitment to students and the community in coaching various levels of middle school and high school sports.  JJ has coached high school boys’ tennis for 13 years, high school girls’ tennis for 4 years, middle school boys’ basketball for 10 years, middle school girls’ basketball for 2 years as well as football at the university level.

JJ educates the middle school child academically, socially, and emotionally and truly KNOWS his students. His continuous demonstration of dedication, positive attitude and open, friendly disposition make him a wonderful role model for students and staff alike. He never forgets that all decisions need to be focused on what is in the best interest of students.

Congratulations to our employees of the year!

Each employee of the year received a gift of $1,000 co-sponsored by the School Board and the Menomonee Falls Scholarship Foundation.

Our employees of the year are selected from a group of Distinguished Employees, all nominated by people in our schools and community. Check out that list right here.









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