Ask your reps to approve school funding

Governor Walker asks citizens to lend voice to budget process

Governor Scott Walker’s biennial budget has proposed an increase to per-pupil funding of $200 in year one and an additional $204 in year two with the stipulation that school districts receiving the funding have fully implemented Act 10.
What the Governor means by “fully implementing Act 10” is that school districts should have a minimum employee contribution rate to health care of 12 percent.
Menomonee Falls’ contribution rate is 13 percent, which means we have fully implemented Act 10 based on the Governor’s stipulations.
Do you think that our state senate and legislature should approve Governor Walker’s funding as is? Then the Governor is asking you to write to your local representatives asking them to invest in our classrooms and he’s made it super easy to do:
Want to go a little more in-depth? Check out these form letter specific to our district:

Dear Representative ____________________:

I am writing to thank you for your consideration of Governor Walker’s biennial budget including the increase in per pupil funding over the next two years.

As you well know, the freeze in public school district’s revenue limit is making it hard to make ends meet for rural, urban and suburban schools regardless of size. Costs continue to increase for things like utilities, maintenance and benefits, the revenue limit is being eclipsed.

Our district, Menomonee Falls, has done a lot of strong, conservative fiscal management, finding more than $11 million in cuts and costs savings over the last six years while also balancing a demand for small class sizes and a wide range of course offerings from our community.

Without the revenue limit pacing with inflation, many schools have had to make tough decisions that impact the learning environment and threaten programs that help the most vulnerable children in our state. We’re no different.

I am urging you to approve Governor Walker’s biennial budget with school funding intact.

Again, thank you for your consideration in what impacts so many families.



Dear Senator Darling, Representative Knodl and Representative Brandtjen:
Thank you for keeping us informed and including us in your K-12 planning and discussions. 
As the legislative budget discussions continue, we ask that you support the $200/$204 per-pupil aid increase recommended by the Governor’s office.  While this increase does not entirely close the gap with our rising costs, it takes an important step in that direction.  The chart below gives a summary of the impact on the School District of Menomonee Falls from the various funding levels that have been discussed so far as part of the State’s budget process. 

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