What to know: Feb. 13 School Board Meeting

Student School Board Member Katelyn Macholl gives you an update on what happened at the Feb. 13 School Board Meeting

What’s it like at the school board meetings? Sure you eventually hear talks about budgets and numbers that seem to trickle down from one source or another. However, unless you keep up with the meetings online or physically go to one, you miss some things.

Specifically, at the last board meeting, there was a lot of talk about coming improvements to facilities across the district. Last April, voters approved a facilities referendum that involves upkeep of the district. While many of you have seen the start of this money put into action, with the demolition of Hiawatha and TJ, more has yet to be seen. I wouldn’t be surprised if you have forgotten about the pass of this referendum while putting focus on the next one put up for bid in April 2017. Yet, your money was pooled for this facilities referendum, and if you had been at the February 13th meeting you would’ve learned all of the good things that this money will go towards. Now don’t worry because I will let you know about the bright spots that this money will add to the district.

First off, the demolition of Hiawatha and Thomas Jefferson school has taken place. This may seem counterproductive, but trust me it’s in the community’s best interest. The availability of these buildings leave the lots open for use. It will no longer sit waiting for the one time of year that high school students use it for AP Exams, during which they are told to be weary of the water because the building is that old. In addition, some of the elementary schools have started to receive updates on their bathrooms with more construction to come over the summer and into the 2017 school year. Moreover, libraries at North and at the high school will both receive upgrades. Resulting in more furniture and a redesign of the space, this will help in achieving a more cohesive atmosphere for students to work together. Some of the bigger projects that will take place in the coming year involve Project Lead the Way at the high school and the choir room at North. As for the project at the middle school, a whole new addition to the building will take place. This will be a new choir room for the students and it will accompany coming updates to the North auditorium. At the high school a redesign of the Project Lead the Way space will take place. Additions, including a glass wall on the outside of the classroom, will open up the space and allow students not in the course to appreciate the projects being worked on.

Overall, there are many more facilities upgrades to come next year. Don’t forget about these when getting caught up the new ballot question being proposed in April 2017. Instead, take time to enjoy the improvements you will soon see. Also, if you want to learn more about these improvements, look online at some of the School Board meeting resources.


Katelyn Macholl

MFHS Student School Board Member


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