What to do about the weather

It’s almost December, and that means awesome stuff like sledding and snowman building and hot chocolate, but it also means that there’s a possibility that we might start late or even close our schools for the day.

Here’s what you need to know about potential inclement weather:

  • For pending snowstorms, decisions are made shortly after 4:30 a.m. for that school day. Superintendent Dr. Greco consults with the village about road safety, and she talks to area superintendents on a conference call.
  • For cold weather, wind chill must reach a sustained minus 35 degrees. Gusts to minus 35 aren’t enough; the temperature must be consistently minus 35 or lower.

These can be difficult decisions giving the constantly changing and unpredictable nature of the weather. Safety of our students and staff remains the highest priority of the school district. We have built enough instructional minutes into the calendar so the first canceled day does not need to be made up. We do have to make up second and subsequent snow days to meet the number of state-required instructional minutes.

Our first makeup day is built into the calendar as the Friday before Memorial Day. If parents consider the weather conditions unsafe for their children due to health or distance to the bus stop, etc., they are encouraged to keep their children home. These would be excused absences. If parents send their children to school, they are urged to make sure their children are dressed appropriately.


Closing school due to inclement weather or other emergencies is always done with the safety of the children in mind. There are four general methods of closing school:
1. Cancellation of school for the day before 6 a.m.
2. Delaying the start of school for two hours. Lunch will be served at each school. Morning 4K and Early Childhood classes will be canceled.
3. Adjusting the dismissal time at each school due to inclement weather will be based on the weather emergency situation. Afternoon 4K and Early Childhood classes will be canceled.
4. A special emergency closing of school which assumes “that your child is to go home unless we have been notified prior to that day of an alternate emergency destination. Alternate destinations for bus students must be on the regular bus route.” (Elementary Parent Handbook.) Parents are asked to discuss alternate plans with their children.

Each method is designed to especially protect the youngest and most vulnerable children and provide them with appropriate supervision. No one method of school closing is best for all circumstances. Parents know their children and their circumstances best. You are encouraged to act to protect your child according to your individual situation. The school will make every effort to cooperate with your decision during snowstorms or weather related emergencies. If you have any questions, please contact your building principal.

Local radio and TV stations will be notified of our decision to close school in time for the 6:00 – 6:15 a.m. news broadcast.

When the start of school is delayed for two hours:
Menomonee Falls High School will begin at 9:50 am
North Middle School will begin at 9:20 am
All Elementary Schools will begin at 10:50 am
Morning Kindergarten will be canceled
Lunch will be served at all schools

Should schools close once they are in session:
Each child is to go home unless the schools have been notified in advance of an alternate emergency destination. Alternate destinations for school bus students must be on the regular bus route.

When Milwaukee Public Schools close, the transportation does not run for children participating in the Chapter 220 program. Those families contracting for individual transportation by Johnson Bus connected to the Chapter 220 bus routes would also not be transported on those days.


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