Don’t forget your Photo ID when you visit!

Every year, crisis teams from across all of our schools meet in October & in April. During these gatherings, we discuss how to make our schools safer for all students.

We work with Waukesha County Emergency Management & the Menomonee Falls Police Department to share best practices and find out what is/isn’t working at other districts.

One of the biggest concerns discussed was making sure we know who is coming in our doors every day. A majority of our visitors are typically Moms & Dads or one of the 1,500 volunteers in our district that we perform an annual background check on, so we know who they are.

But there are times when there’s a sub at our front desk or we do receive visitors that we don’t know or weren’t expecting, so we want to make sure that when that occurs, these visitors are who they say they are.

With this understanding, if we don’t know who you are, we may ask you to provide your photo ID. It’s important to remember that this does NOT mean we feel you are suspicious or not truthful about who you are, it’s just one more way that we can make sure all of our district’s children are safe while they’re at school.

There’s lots of options that work as a photo ID, although this document is meant for voter verification, it does illustrate all the kinds of photo ID available.


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