October can be scary for kids

The month of October can be a fun one. The change of the leaves, pumpkin farms, festive school events and for many families, making costumes and going out for trick-or-treating are all things that can inspire joy.

Unfortunately, for many children, it can also be really scary, too. Things that are spooky, fright inducing or creepy can cause children to be uneasy this time of year.

There’s been lots of reports of “creepy clowns” popping up in communities around Wisconsin, much of it stemming from a summer viral marketing campaign for a horror movie produced in Green Bay. Its success has lead to a lot of media coverage nationwide on the topic as well as many copycats.

We want to be clear that there have been absolutely no reports to the Menomonee Falls Police Department about suspicious or “creepy” people dressed as clowns in our village.

You likely have and will see some news reports this week about “creepy clowns” that mention the Menomonee Falls School District. An incident occurred at North Middle School in which a student brought a weapon to school to protect themselves from any “creepy clowns.”

We want to make sure that the learning space is safe and uninterrupted for all students and the incident was handled accordingly. Any questions about the incident should be directed to North Middle School administrative staff.

Please have a conversation with your child about safety during this time of year. If your child is concerned about Halloween, people in masks or costumes or creepy clowns, please let your child’s teacher know. All of our schools have professional staff equipped to navigate fears around this time of year.




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