Falls sits above state, national average for ACT

MENOMONEE FALLS (8/24/16) — This is the first time the state of Wisconsin is seeing ACT results from 100 percent of its graduates for the year, and students from Menomonee Falls sit above both the state and national average with a composite score of 22.3.

“The graduating class of 2016 reflects the first class in which students were mandated to take the ACT as juniors,” said Corey Golla, Director of Curriculum & Learning. “This explains the dramatic increase in the percentage of students that have taken the test.”

In 2015, 81 percent of the graduating class had taken the ACT.  The recently released results reflect nearly 100 percent of graduates.

The state average is 20.5, and national average is 20.8. The 2016 graduates outpaced the average score in Wisconsin by 1.8, an improvement from the 2015 results where we had a composite score 1.3 points higher than the state average.

Menomonee Falls has consistently increased the margin between the district’s performance and the state average during the past five years.

“Since the ACT is a test that is required by most colleges as an important component of their admissions process we are proud to now be providing this additional opportunity to all of our students,” Golla said. “This opportunity combined with the dramatic increase in participation in our Advanced Placement program is a clear indication that we are removing barriers to college for more of our students.”

Menomonee Falls outperforms the state in the percentage of students regarded as college ready in all categories.

  • College English Composition +15%
  • College Algebra +21%
  • College Social Science +14%
  • College Biology +10%
  • College Ready in All +9%

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