OMG, It’s August?!?

The first day of school is coming up pretty darn quick! Just yesterday it seems like we were making summer plans, attending graduation parties and looking forward to wearing a lot of flip flops, right?

As a parent you might be thinking, “Ok, so what do I all need to get done before Sept. 1?”

Here’s a quick list of all the things you might need to check off before the first day of school.

Supply Lists:

School Fees:

The portal for school fees are open now! If you haven’t already, you should very shortly receive an invoice with your ID to login for new PowerSchool users. Here’s the basic info on fees and here’s a detailed how-to.

Already got this down? Great! Fees can be paid right here.


Unfortunately, schedules for North Middle School and MFHS will not be available until August 12. When they are, you can check them by logging into PowerSchool right here.


Does your student take the bus? Then it’s probably important for you to know which route and what stop. The portal to log in doesn’t open until August 8, but the how to is right here. The link to log in is right here.


The new student/parent handbook for the 2016-2017 school year can be found right here. It’s important you take a look at it because you’ll be asked to sign off that you’ve read it at registration.


Registration is where all the good stuff happens, and by good stuff I mean things like yearbook photos and joining your PTA/PTO. Check out the dates below:

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