Open house to be held at TJ

MENOMONEE FALLS (6/14/16) — For community members both past and present, they’ll have the opportunity to walk the halls of Thomas Jefferson one last time on June 24.

From 2 to 4 p.m., Thomas Jefferson’s main floor will be open to the general public to walk the halls and see some of their old classrooms and take pictures. Thomas Jefferson was built in 1963 and Hiawatha was built in 1957. Demolition is slated for late July.

“Unfortunately, we cannot open Hiawatha to the general public as it’s just not safe for public access anymore,” said Keith Brightman, Director of Operations & Finance.

Any equipment or fixtures remaining at Thomas Jefferson that won’t be reused by the district will be auctioned off on a municipal auction site, The district is still working on whether or not providing mementos from Thomas Jefferson is a possibility.

“We know the community values the rich history of Menomonee Falls, and we’ve heard many people ask about keeping bricks from the building,” said Megan Sheridan, director of communications & assistant to the superintendent. “However, the analysis came back recently that the bricks are covered in a leaded glaze, so we won’t be able to provide those to the general public.”

There are a number of plaques that still remain at Thomas Jefferson from middle school sports teams that will be free for people to take home if they so choose at the open house.


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