The 2016 Employees of the Year

MENOMONEE FALLS (5/13/16) — If you haven’t met any of our employees of the year, you’ve likely seen their work. For some it’s a promptly answered phone call, for others is an expertly maintained boiler room and for many it’s a classroom where students are engaged, learning and loving school.

The School District of Menomonee Falls recently awarded seven employees the moniker of “Employee of the Year.” Each employee was nominated by a coworker or supervisor and was awarded $1,000 in partnership with the Menomonee Falls Scholarship Foundation.

Let’s meet those sterling employees:

Bea Welcher, Ben Franklin Elementary, Education Assistant of the Year

Years of Service: 25

From the nomination: “Bea Welcher is a self-starter in all aspects of her job. She thinks beyond the basics of what is needed and always goes above and beyond. She is able to improvise when a situation unexpectedly changes. Her ability to anticipate the needs of a teacher, classroom or individual student is exceptional.”

Jim Leffler, Valley View Elementary, Operations Support Employee of the Year

Years of Service: 16

From the nomination: “Jim is fully invested in the mission and vision of the district. He works collaboratively with others in the building. You can always count on Jim to follow through with a high degree of professionalism and quality of work.”

Mary Foster, North Middle School, Administrative Support Employee of the Year

Years of Service: 25

From the nomination: “Mary holds herself to high expectations and she meets these expectations in all that she accomplishes. She is able to problem solve and handle situations as they arise. She has the skills and ability to bring her ideas and solutions to fruition.”

Laura Hoff, Valley View Elementary, Lower Elementary Educator of the Year

Years of Service: 9

From the nomination: “Laura is a dedicated educator and goes above and beyond expectations. She works tirelessly to ensure all students succeed inside and outside the classroom. She is always the first teacher to volunteer to try new programs and initiatives from the district.”

Mark Ashenhurst, Ben Franklin Elementary, Upper Elementary Educator of the Year

Years of Service: 17

From the nomination: “Mark has a unique gift of communicating with students. He is masterful in his choice of words and questioning techniques. He doesn’t enable students but instead empowers them to believe in themselves.”

Tami Jaeck, North Middle School, Middle School Educator of the Year

Years of Service: 22

From the nomination: “Tami focuses much of her work around providing supports for students performing in the bottom 25th percentile. This is the area in our building that has shown the both growth and bright spots over the last two years. Much of this success has been supported by Tami’s leadership with the CIM team. Tami is truly a team player. She is a role model and leader among her peers.

Jennifer Tarcin, MFHS, High School Educator of the Year

Years of Service: 23

From the nomination: “Jennifer Tarcin’s classrooms are located in the very middle of the high school, the heart of the building, some may say. This prime physical location couldn’t be more appropriate for this outstanding teacher, one who has demonstrated the principals and values of our district as she continuously improves by not only as a teacher, but in her focus on individualizing each student’s education in creating unique opportunities for them that bridges their classroom learning with real-life experiences in the field of healthcare.”



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