District Saves $61,000 with energy upgrades

MENOMONEE FALLS (12/8/15) — The School District of Menomonee Falls is seeing the results of its hard work over the summer in the form of energy savings and cost avoidance since the school year started.

Since September, the school district has saved $61,646 with energy-conserving upgrades.

“This was a little surprising as the amount was significant,” said Director of Facilities Rick Fechter, who set a goal of $11,000 in savings for the start of the school year. “The weather might have played a factor in the results, but the lighting upgrades in the auditorium and our attention to the energy management program by our facility foreman and staff members had a lot to do with our results.”

Starting in the summer and working into the school year, the facilities staff switched to LED lighting in both the high school and middle school auditoriums, added light sensors to the main high school gym, replaced the air handler at the high school and performed routine energy audits.

“We are performing a district wide energy audit that includes lighting sensors district wide,” Fechter said. “The lighting sensors allow us to save electrical cost by automatically turning lights off when areas of the building are unoccupied.”

Big results like this will also pay off in the long-run, lowering overall costs and putting those dollars towards impacting student learning

“The results mean we should be able to exceed our goal by and much more by the end of the year,” Fechter said. “This will help build momentum for our energy management program. The more money we save, the more lighting upgrades we are able to invest in and also put more dollars in the classroom.”


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