Students honored for quick actions

MENOMONEE FALLS (Nov. 3, 2015) — Students were given a hero’s welcome recently at a “Yell and Tell” ceremony at Valley View Elementary. These three girls, Harper Schumann, Amber Seebach and Autumn Seebach saw something happen and went for help when it was needed. The Yell and Tell program has been implemented in the Menomonee Falls School District in partnership with the Menomonee Falls Police Department.

The program is aimed at the young children who sees something dangerous, feels afraid and doesn’t know what to do. The Yell and Tell program teaches children how to take action and be a hero.

“I couldn’t be prouder,” said Officer Nick Gapinski. “I’m hoping I’m making a difference. I’ve been a police officer for 13 years and this last year and a half has been my best. Going into the classrooms, making a difference with these kids is the tops.”

When Valley View student Harper Schumann heard a woman yell for help last year, all the “Yell and Tell” lessons she learned from Officer Gapinski kicked in and she got North Middle School students Amber and Autumn Seebach to help her find out what was wrong.

“Ladies, you did a tremendous job, we’re all so proud of you,” said Superintendent Pat Greco. “It’s your kind of action that really makes the community safe, and you saved somebody. Not everybody can say that.”

The girls found an older woman who was getting out of her car which had slipped out of park and rolled onto her foot. The girls took action and got help for the woman.

“In Menomonee Falls we have a very good community that helps out police,” said MFPD Chief Anna Ruzinski. “It just makes me proud to be the Police Chief here because we have a community that cares so much.”


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